Suffering from the nasal cannula?

Try the Oxy-glasses for & discover if they can help you!

  • One week of free testing
  • Free shipping
  • Don’t like them? Return the Oxy-glasses for free!
  • Loving them? Buy them for €219 or in 9 installments of €24.3 per month.
  • You’re supporting 2 young entrepreneurs that are super motivated to help oxygen users live a happier life!

How does it work?

  1. Leave your contact details and address below as well as your preferred colour and design.
  2. We send you a box with the Oxy-glasses of your choice in three sizes: small, medium and large. These are just frames, so there are no lenses inside.
  3. You can test them all for free during one week and pick the size that fits you the best.
  4. If you like them, you can keep the size of your choice (e.g. small) and return the two other sizes (e.g. medium and large). If you don’t like them, you have to return them via the return label that is in the box.
  5. If you want to keep the Oxy-glasses, you will need lenses. There are two options for this:
    1. Option 1: Take the frame to your optician who will put lenses inside. 
    2. Option 2: Aspyro offers lenses at affordable prices. Indicate in the form below if you want to be contacted afterwards to help you with the lenses. This means we will contact you for your eye prescription and with an overview of our prices. If you decide to buy lenses via Aspyro, we send you a new pair of Oxy-glasses including lenses within three weeks after the trial period.

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