Getting the right frame size

There are multiple ways to find out what the right frame size is. Below we explain the different methods.


1. Visit a professional

If you want to be absolutely sure that you take the right size it’s best to visit your local optician. Most opticians will gladly help you out for free and help you with placing the order. They might also be able to help you with your eye measurement and will gladly provide you with lenses.

2. Use your current size

If you are already wearing glasses and they are comfortable then you might just as well order a frame with the same (or similar) size. You can find the size of your frame on the temple of your frame. You will see several numbers on the temple. You are looking for:

  • Lens size (ranges from 40 to 62)
  • Bridge size (ranges from 14 to 24)
  • Temple size (ranges from 120 to 150)
Any other numbers are serial numbers and are not important. Sometimes there’s a square icon between lens size and bridge size.  In the example on the right the lens size is 53, bridge size is 18 and temple size is 143.

3. Didn't find the right fit after all?

You can always use our 30-day money-back policy. Send us an email at and send us your frame back. We will return your money and you can order a new frame of the right size. Lenses cannot be returned. So make sure you have the right frame size before ordering your lenses!