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The Oxy-glasses are 3D printed glasses made for people that need oxygen therapy. The Oxy-glasses make oxygen therapy less visible and more comfortable and prevent the nasal cannula from slipping out of the nose.

  • Free shipping & return.
  • 100% money back if you’re not satisfied.
  • Possibility to pay in installments (25.44 EUR per month, for 9 months).
  • Try out all three sizes at home and choose the one that fits you the best.
  • Change to a different colour or design if you’re not satisfied.
  • Order lenses for affordable prices (50 EUR for transparent, 79 EUR for single-vision and 199 EUR for multifocal lenses). We contact you by mail after your purchase to find the right lenses for you and for payment.
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What are the Oxy-glasses? The Oxy-glasses are 3D printed glasses for oxygen users. There is a groove in the frame. In this a groove, a nasal cannula (or oxygen tubing) can be inserted, thereby hiding the nasal cannula and making oxygen therapy barely visible. Often, the nasal cannula causes irritation on the ears and leaves red marks on the cheeks. Wearing the Oxy-glasses prevents these problems as the nasal cannula is no longer touching the ears or cheeks. In addition, the nasal cannula is prevented from slipping out of the nose when it is inserted in the Oxy-glasses.

Which nasal cannula do I need? The Oxy-glasses are only compatible with the Salter Labs cannula 1616-7. We provide you with one free cannula. Afterwards, your oxygen provider will provide you of them, for free. The maximum flow rate of this cannula is 3 liter per minute. If you need more oxygen then you cannot use the oxy-glasses.

What about the sizes? You can buy a frame in a specific size: small (width: 132 mm), medium (width: 140 mm) or large (width: 149 mm). If you’re not sure what size to take, you can choose to try out the three sizes at home. In that case, we send you the Oxy-glasses in three different sizes (small, medium, large). You’re keeping the size that fits you the best and return the other two sizes. We pay the return costs.

What about lenses? If you want to have lenses in the Oxy-glasses, that’s possible. The prices for one pair of lenses are:

  • 50 EUR for transparent lenses
  • 79 EUR for unifocal lenses
  • 199 EUR for multifocal lenses.

These prices include a scratch-resistant coating and are thinned one time. You can also choose for extra options:

  • Extra scratch-resistant coating (+20 EUR)
  • Blue light filter (+30 EUR)
  • Ultra thin lenses (+40 EUR)
  • Tinted lenses (+40 EUR).

Please indicate if you want to purchase lenses when you order the Oxy-glasses. We will contact you afterwards for your eye prescription and to ask if you want extra options. If you choose to try out the three size at home, you have to inform us about what size you want and return us all three sizes. We then send you a fully assembled pair of Oxy-glasses, including lenses, in the size you chose. You can also take the Oxy-glasses to an optician who can insert the lenses of your choice in the frame.

Not satisfied about the colour or the design? Inform us via We send you a new frame in the colour and the design that you prefer. Not satisfied about the Oxy-glasses?

Not satisfied in general? Return the glasses within X days and we pay back the full amount.

Are the Oxy-glasses reimbursed? Some healthcare insurance funds reimburse glasses and/or lenses. Check with your insurer if they are reimbursing these type of glasses.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 4 cm

Small (width: 132 mm), Medium (width: 140 mm), Large (width: 149 mm), Try out all sizes at home for free (see product description)


Yes (We will contact you after your purchase), No (Visit your optician to put lenses inside)