Lenses in the Oxy-glasses
If you order via our webshop, you just get a frame delivered, so without lenses. Of course, you will need lenses as well. The Oxy-glasses are compatible with prescription and non-prescription lenses (like transparent or solar lenses). If you want to have lenses in the Oxy-glasses, there are two options, which we explain below.

Option 1: Bring the Oxy-glasses to your optician

Once you have received the package with the Oxy-glasses, you should try them out. If you decide to keep them, you can take them to your optician for lenses. He or she will gladly provide you with the lenses of your choice.

lenses in the Oxy-glasses

Option 2: Order lenses at Aspyro

Aspyro offers lenses at reasonable prices. All lenses include a basic anti-scratch layer and are thinned one time. We also offer affordable extra options. Check out our prices below. For multifocal lenses we advise you to order them at your optician.

Transparent lenses

  • Anti-scratch layer
  • Thinned one time

Unifocal lenses

  • Anti-scratch layer
  • Thinned one time

Multifocal lenses*

  • Anti-scratch layer
  • Thinned one time

(*) We advise you to order multifocal lenses at your optician to guarantee the highest quality.

Extra options

Can be combined with transparent, unifocal and multifocal lenses
20 - 40
  • Photochromic lenses (+ €40)
  • Ultra thin (+ €40)
  • Extra anti scratch + easy clean (+ €20)
  • Extra anti scratch + easy clean + blue light filter (+ €40)

These are the steps to obtain lenses via Aspyro:

Step 1: Order a frame via our webshop in your preferred size, colour and design.

Step 2: Wait until the Oxy-glasses are delivered at your door and try them out. If you’re not happy with them, you can return them or exchange them for a different size, colour or design. If you’re happy, go to the next step.

Step 3: Send your eye prescription and your choice of lenses and extra options to hello@aspyro.beMake sure your pupillary distance is mentioned on the eye prescription. If you don’t have your eye prescription anymore, visit an optician or eye doctor. They often offer a free eye measurement or at a low price. If you only want transparent lenses, we don’t need an eye prescription of course.  

Step 4: If you want transparent or unifocal lenses, you should skip this step and go straight to step 5. If you want multifocal lenses, we advise you to buy lenses at your optician, as they should be customized for your eyes. If you really want to order them via Aspyro, you should take a picture of yourself wearing the Oxy-glasses without lenses, holding a credit card next to your face. Look straight into the camera. Send this picture to hello@aspyro.be. This allows us to determine your pupillary distance and segment height, which is needed to perfectly place the lenses in the frame.

Step 5: Return the Oxy-glasses to Aspyro using the return ticket in the box. We are sending you the Oxy-glasses including lenses within three weeks.  

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More questions about lenses?

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