1. Get your Salter Labs Micro Cannula

Most oxygen providers will provide you with these for free (REF 1616-7). In the exceptional case that your oxygen provider is not willing to provide these you can buy them online. Be aware, the max flow rate is 3L/min.


2. Pick a frame that fits your size & taste

Visit our webshop and choose the design & color you like. Then choose the appropriate size. Some insurance providers return part of the frame cost. Make sure to ask yours! Don’t know what size to take? Have a look at our sizing guide. 

3. Order your prescription lenses

Bring the oxy-glasses to your local optician and they will gladly place the right prescription lenses. Do check with your insurance to see if they cover the cost of your prescription lenses.


4. Insert the cannula in the frame

Gently push the tubing of the canulla in the groove that is made in the frame using your fingers.

5. Replace the cannula regularly

Replacing the cannula prevents infections. Do this at least every two weeks. No worries, your oxy-glasses won’t get damaged by replacing the cannula.

Easy replaceable