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No, the Oxy-glasses only work with the Salter Labs Micro Cannulla (Ref 1616-7). Most oxygen providers provide these cannulas for free. Ask your provider if you can get them for free. If not, you can also buy them online. We also provide you with one cannula FOR FREE, if you order via our webshop.

Be aware, the 1616 cannula has a maximum flow rate of 3 L/min. If you need more oxygen, then you cannot use the Oxy-glasses. 

Yes, by simply using your fingers, you can pull the cannula out of the frame. If you would like to see how this is done have a look here. In fact you should change the cannula at least every two weeks, otherwise you risk getting infections.

Yes, prescription lenses can be inserted, but also solar lenses and non-prescripton (e.g. transparent) lenses. There are two options. Option 1 is to just take your frame to the optician who will provide you with prescription lenses. We advise you to do this in case you have multifocal lenses. Be aware of the fact that opticians often charge high prices. 

The second option is to order lenses via Aspyro. The advantage is that we offer affordable and high-quality lenses at the same time. Just send your Oxy-glasses back to Aspyro with the return ticket in the box. We send them back, with lenses inserted, within three weeks. Discover all the steps and prices here

Yes, because transparent glasses can be placed in the frame. In that way, it seems like you’re just wearing normal glasses. If you only need reading glasses please have a look at the next question.

You can ask an optician to place transparent lenses inside. At Aspyro, we also offer to do this for you. Check out our prices here.

No, there are two solutions. First of all you could use multifocal lenses. These are lenses appropriate for both short- and far-sightedness. They are often very expensive, but at Aspyro we offer them for only € 199 (per pair!). Discover the prices of our lenses here.

Another option is to use clip-on reading glasses that you can easily put on top of your oxy-glasses. You can find them on amazon for example.

This picture shows how oxyglasses can be used with clip on reading glasses

The tubing exits the temples of the glasses and then goes down the back of the patient. This is visualized in the pictures below. If you want, you can also wear the tubing in the front. This is explained in the next question.

The current version of the Oxy-glasses is only compatible with the Salter Labs Micro Cannula, Ref 1616. This cannula has a maximum flow rate of 3 L/min. 

If you permanently need more oxygen, then you cannot use the Oxy-glasses as the flow rate will be too low for you.

If you sometimes need more oxygen, for example only during physical exercise, you can wear the Oxy-glasses as normal glasses during physical exercise combined with a (normal) high flow cannula. If you’re at rest, and you need less than or exactly 3 L/min, you can use the Oxy-glasses combined with the Salter Labs Micro cannula. 

In the future, we want to develop a new version of the Oxy-glasses that is compatible with high flow cannulas as well. If you want to be informed about when this version is available, subscribe for our newsletter at the bottom of the page. We will keep you posted!

Some insurance providers reimburse glasses and lenses. Send the invoice you receive from us to your provider and check if you get a chance to be reimbursed.

You can choose how to wear the oxygen cannula or tubing: in the back or in the front. The two pictures explain how this is done.

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