Most frequent questions and answers

No, the oxy-glasses only work with the Salter Labs Micro Cannulla. Most oxygen providers provide these cannulas for free. Ask your provider if you can get them for free. If not you can also buy them online.

Yes, by simply using your fingers you can pull the cannula out of the frame. If you would like to see how this is done have a look here. In fact you should change the cannula at least every 2 weeks, otherwise you risk getting infections.

Yes, prescription lenses can be inserted by any optician. Just take your frame to the optician and they will provide you with prescription lenses. Do take into account that prescription lenses are expensive, however your insurance might cover this cost.

Yes, upon your request transparent glasses can be placed it in the frame. This way you can use the oxy-glasses without needing glasses. If you only need reading glasses please have a look at the next question.

No, there are multiple solutions. First of all you could use progressive lenses, but this is expensive and takes some time to get used to. Another option is to use clip-on reading glasses that you can easily put on top of your oxy-glasses. You can find them on amazon for example.

This picture shows how oxyglasses can be used with clip on reading glasses

The tubing exits the temples of the glasses and then goes down the back of the patient. This is visualized in the pictures below.