"We are Jeroen and Lien, the founders of Aspyro.
Our mission is to improve happiness by developing innovative healthcare solutions."

Jeroen, 25 years old
Biomedical engineer

Lien, 23 years old
Bioscience engineer

Who are the people behind Aspyro?

We are Jeroen and Lien, the founders of Aspyro, and we come from Belgium. We founded Aspyro because we saw the burden of oxygen therapy and in particular of the nasal cannula. Not only do people stare at the nasal cannula, it also causes irritation on the ears, leaves red marks on the cheeks and easily slips out of the nose.

That's why we came up with the Oxy-glasses. These are glasses especially for oxygen users that allow them to breathe better, despite suffering from a respiratory disease like COPD. With the Oxy-glasses, our ambition is to let oxygen users live happier lives.

We founded Aspyro in July 2020. It is the result of our shared drive to create a positive impact. Our happy customers reflect how we are creating this impact already now. And it is their happiness that keeps us motivated. It is happiness that can satisfy our young hunger for bringing a positive change. And it is also happiness that is the key component in our mission:

"Improving happiness by developing innovative healthcare solutions"

Our first solution are the Oxy-glasses, which are unique in Europe , but hold your horses, because we have only just begun!