Oxy-glasses for oxygen users
The Oxy-glasses are 3D printed eyewear especially for oxygen users. They have a groove in the frame, in which the nasal cannula can be inserted. This makes oxygen therapy less visible, more comfortable and more practical.
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Discreet oxygen therapy
Leading to greater social acceptance and more self-esteem
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Comfortable oxygen therapy
The nasal cannula is not touching the skin anymore, thereby preventing irritation on the ears and marks on the cheeks.
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For every friend of yours that buys the Oxy-glasses, we give you a refund which gets bigger for more referrals (up to €100). On top of that, all your friends get a €20 discount.
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Test the Oxy-glasses 1 week for free
Not sure if the Oxy-glasses can help you? Try them out at home for free and send them back if you don't like them. All you have to do is fill in a short form by pressing the button below.
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Make oxygen therapy nearly invisible


Reduce irritation on ears and cheeks


Prevent the nasal cannula from slipping out of the nose


How to use?

1. Take a Salter Labs micro cannula

We always provide you with one cannula FOR FREE. The maximum flow rate is 3 L/min. Don't use the Oxy-glasses if you need more.

2. Insert the nasal cannula in the frame

There is a groove inside the frame. Using your fingers, gently push the nasal cannula inside this groove.

3. Put the glasses on

Send a picture to your friends and family of your new look.

4. Change the cannula

Replace the cannula every two weeks by pulling it out of the groove with your fingers.

Testimonials of oxygen users


“I feel alive again, just like the others. During my hospitalization, the nurse said to me: “Madam, you must continue using oxygen.” I answered: “But I am using oxygen.” The nurse had to come closer to see the nasal cannula under the frame!”


“Thanks to the Oxy-glasses, wearing glasses and getting oxygen gets so much easier. Also wearing a mouth mask becomes more comfortable, as you have less wires around your ears.”


“I like the discretion, the lightness and the design of the Oxy-glasses.”


“The team of Aspyro is sincerely  honest and takes all the time for you!”


“The Oxy glasses are easy to wear. Everyone who saw them liked them and it is not noticeable that you are on oxygen. However, because of the corona, I don’t get out much anymore and so I can’t get that many reactions.”

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How to order?

1. Pick a frame in our webshop

Choose your size and favourite design and colour. If you're not sure what size to take, you can choose to try out all sizes at home.

You can also sign up as a tester first. This means you can test the Oxy-glasses first, without paying for them.

2. Try out at home

Wait until we deliver your package at your door. You can try out all three sizes at home. We also send you a free nasal cannula to do the test with.

Send back the sizes that don't fit you. If you're unhappy about the colour or design, you can exchange for free or get a 100% refund.

3. Get lenses

We deliver glasses without lenses. If you want to have lenses, you can bring the frame to your optician.

Aspyro also offers lenses at affordable prices. If you want lenses from Aspyro, you should return the frame to us and we ship the glasses including lenses very soon back to you.